Project 2

Takin Care of Business


When Professor showed this project in one of the first classes I was not that impresses by VR, but boy if I was wrong. Working on this project is one of the most awesome things I have done and I was so impressed by the tech that I would probably choose to do my third project in AR. I thought designing my cubicle would be easy but it was really challenging when it came to choosing and creating 3d models for the cubicle. The thing is, I decided my cubicle to look as realistic as possible so choosing models for the cubicle was tough as low poly models are rarely realistic looking. It was also like a dilemma for me as I was confused about whether to go with low poly models and maintain the higher frame rates but look less realistic or go with high poly real-life looking models but sacrifice framerates. In the end, I was able to balance out both as my models are both low poly and realistic looking.

Choosing a theme for my gallery:-

I was also very confused about what theme should I choose for my gallery, but in the end, I decided to choose fun and motivation because, again, my goal was to be as realistic as possible and fun and motivation are what keeps us going when we are down because when we can not make something work at our work station or when we are in a dark place overall. 

Anyways, enough with the introduction, I hope you really like my project and enjoy it as well.

Things you can do in my project:-  (Grab stuff by the trigger.)

1. You can play darts in the gallery.

2. You can play "Aim" with the ball in the gallery.

3. There is a TV which shows a video on how to assemble office stuff when you touch it.

4. You can go and be the six inches when you touch one of the boxes.

5. The other two boxes can be touched to be a giant and be a six-inch chibi avatar.

6. You can also touch the paper tray, a photo frame with my pets, the chair, the basket, fan, and many things.

7. You can also interact with some things when you are in your chibi avatar.

8. You can interact with printer and laptop when you touch them.

9. You can also grab balls at the ball stand.