The Mystery of Death of Warden Sia

The murder of Warden Sia is going to be a detective story where the player will play the role of a detective. The player will have to solve the mystery of the murder of one rich personality named Warden Sia. The player will have to find clues in the house of the victim and will also have access to the detective's laboratory where they can test the evidence.

The player can also interact with the suspects and also can communicate with them like asking them about certain topics. All the suspects will have their history available for the player to see and figure out clues out of it. Some interactable items will also be there for the player to collect and test in the lab.

Target Hardware Platform 

The target platform for "The Mystery of Death of Warden Sia" is HTC VIVE. I chose it because I got some experience with it during project 2 and really liked the freedom it gives to the developer and given my project's complexity I believe it will be perfect for my project.


Softwares Used

I will develop this project in Unity 3D. I will also use Blender to animate some of the models. I chose this software because I have done some projects in these softwares in the past and I am very familiar with their functionalities.

What I am aiming to achieve?.

I want to give the user the feeling of Nancy Drew/Sherlock Holmes novels but .......... you know, in VR. I believe VR can give the user a more personal feeling than conventional games because in VR you're literally standing in the 3D model of the area. As I have mentioned above the player will have to use clues, evidence and the information of the suspects to find the killer. The laboratory of detective can be used to do tests on the evidence. The real challenge here is to find the killer only with hints from the above-mentioned elements as the game will offer no clues other than them. I know this is going to be a really big task but I am ready to put 110% of my effort in this.


Dialogue system I am aiming for is kind of like skyrim's


I am doing this project alone. I wanted to work with a partner in this project as it will require heavy work, but I could not because of some personal reasons. However, I will not let this come between my goal and I am very certain that I can complete this project within the deadline.

Libraries and Models.

I will use VRTK for the VR stuff just like in the second project.

Most of the models I will use will be either from 3D warehouse

or the Unity Asset Store

I might also use or

It is also possible that I design some of the models by myself in Blender in case I don't find desired low poly models.

Why VR?

As I said above VR will give the story more personal experience and if I do it the right way, the user will definitely enjoy it more than the traditional games. Also, It will hone my VR skills which is going to be helpful in building my career ahead as nowadays, I am thinking more and more about making my career in VR.