Student's Choice Presentation

Minecraft Earth

For my Student's Choice Presentation, I will tell the class about Minecraft Earth. Minecraft earth is the latest sandbox game by Mojang in the field of AR. The game looks very promising and surpasses the expectations in its trailers and advertisements. The game will be available on two platforms Android and IOS. The game was announced in May of this year and players had early access in around October.

The main gameplay is consists of the same elements as that of the original game which was consisted of exploration of the area, gathering stuff and use that stuff for your structures.

Newshub a news company of NewZealand reviewed the game as "mind-blowing", "hugely ambitious", and "the next big thing".

Google Play Store Trailer

The game has the following features:-

•You can build your stuff in tabletop style and can also place their life-size models in real world.


• You can collaborate with other players and build models communicably.

• You can collect resources by tapping on objects labeled as tappables.

• The game will also have in-game currency, which can be earned by solving puzzles, fighting the hostile NPCs.


• The game will also calculate the position of physical objects so you don't bump into them. 

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Images from google play store


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